Work package 7

Communication, dissemination and exploitation activities
Lead beneficiary : MGRE

      Start Month    1              End Month    36
Participant numberShort name of participantPerson months per participant

• To spread the expertise and knowledge gained through MEDSAL, to the widest possible audience and target groups, via a comprehensive and sound way.
• To disseminate project outcomes directly and efficiently to key actors, which could become potential multipliers.
• To raise awareness and change the attitude of stakeholders in multiple scales (organizations, policy-making planners, water users, individual actors – e.g. farmers), towards a more sustainable management of coastal aquifer systems
• To pave the way for further state-of-the-art scientific endeavors, though Project’s innovative scientific results.
• To increase capacity building in multiple levels (e.g. young scientists, key staff of stakeholders, relevant administrations, etc.)

Description of work
This WP include demonstration actions that aim to effectively communicate project’s goals and objectives, disseminate its activities and results, and capitalize the major achievements and outcomes; thus, securing the highest possible impact, propagate MEDSAL’s Framework and, enhance the transferability of the developed tools and methodologies to a wide audience (academia, stakeholders, local population and targeted groups). Overall, it is considered a critical WP of the project, highly interactive with the deliverables of individual tasks and the specific objectives of the Project. Its successful and smooth implementation will be based on the initially conceived and continuously updated PEDR, through a dynamic process with MEDSAL’s target groups.

WPsTasks LeadersPPs InvolvedDuration
T7.1Plan for Dissemination and ExploitationSWRIALLM1-M36
T7.2Communication planMGREALLM1-M36
T7.3Promotional Material and Project video MGREALLM1-M30
T7.4Newsletters, Press Releases and Social Media FSTALLM1-M36
T7.5MEDSAL web-portalTHLTHLM1-M36
T7.6Dissemination activities (conferences, scientific articles, exhibitions)MEUALLM1-M36
T7.7Valorisation of results, transferability and data-management THLTHLM1-M34