Work package 3

Application of environmental isotopes to the identification of salinization sources and processes

Lead beneficiary : THL

      Start Month    10              End Month    24

Participant numberShort name of participantPerson months per participant

• To integrate environmental isotope methods into a joint approach for studying groundwater salinization
• To develop environmental isotope-based models of salinization dynamics for data scarce coastal aquifers
• To combine environmental isotope methods with physical-based and numerical models for calibration and validation

Description of work

The work package focuses on the development, application, and integration of environmental isotopes to identify the source, dominant processes and degree of salinization. This work-package includes research on existing methods of environmental isotopes and the scientific transfer to the problem of groundwater salinization in the Mediterranean. Isotope sampling campaigns will be carried out in all study sites for a broad range of environmental isotopes for residence time analysis (14C, 3H, SF6, CFCs), for origin assignment (18O/16O, 2H/H, 13C/12C, 15N/14N, 11B/10B, 87Sr/86Sr of intruded seawater and for identifying the dominant hydro-chemical processes (Ca/Mg, Sr/Ca, 87/86Sr, 11B/10B, Br/Cl, B/Cl). The work package will deliver an integrated approach applicable especially in data scarce regions to rapidly recognize and detect, identify, and assess salinization mechanisms.

WPsTasks LeadersPPs InvolvedDuration
T3.1Review theoretical background and establishment of a database for stable and radioactive isotope applications in salinization studiesTHLTHL, MEGRE, ΗΑΟ, FSTM12-M16
T3.2Experimental laboratory studies on the application of stable and radioactive isotopes in salinization studies through column testsTHLTHLM15-M19
T3.3Developing a methodology of using environmental isotopes as indicators (proxies) of salinization: Identification of sources, status and trendsTHLTHL, MGRE, ΗΑΟ, FSTM18-M22
T3.4Integration of isotopic proxies with hydrogeochemistry and benchmark studies: Application to MEDSAL Test SitesPOLIBATHL, POLIBA, MEU, SWRI, FST, MGREM20-M24
T3.5Integration of environmental isotopes with other geostatistics and modelsTHLTHL, SWRI, CUT, MEUM20-M24