Work package 6

Demonstration activities in MEDSAL Test Sites
Lead beneficiary : MEU

      Start Month    16              End Month    34
Participant numberShort name of participantPerson months per participant

• To develop a common MEDSAL participatory framework for the sustainable management of coastal aquifer under salinization risk, through specific tools/methods, actions and protocols.
• To develop and operate a public domain web-based GIS Observatory for the Mediterranean coastal aquifers, towards alerting, monitoring and decision-making.
• To facilitate bridging the gap in legal and managerial issues for coastal aquifer management between different Mediterranean countries (EU and non-EU).

Description of work

This WP is dedicated to the development of the holistic MEDSAL Framework, expressed through specific tools; actions; and protocols to be followed towards the sustainable management of coastal groundwater reserves. The envisaged Framework has a clear inter-domain participatory approach, as it aspires to join the technocratic issues with decision making of stakeholders and public participation. To this aim, both pilot and demonstration actions are included.

WPsTasks LeadersPPs InvolvedDuration
T6.1User and System Requirements of MEDSAL responsive tools CERTHCERTH, THLM16-M18
T6.2Development of MEDSAL web-GIS (UIZ) THLSWRI, THLM18-M26
T6.3Development of MEDSAL mobile app THLSWRI, THLM18-M24
T6.4Harmonization of Legal Framework and Management Issues in Mediterranean POLIBAPOLIBA, THL, MEU, MGRE, FSTM20-M30
T6.5Development of MEDSAL Framework: monitoring, decision support and integrated managementMEUALLM26-M34