Innovative Monitoring Methods

MEDSAL proposes a systematic improvement in detecting salinization signals:

  • by using multi-sensor probes deployed in the test-sites for continuous recording of water level, temperature, pH, electrical conductivity; the recognition of latent patterns of salinization will be made by the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning methods
  • by a comprehensive multi-tracing approach with the introduction of environmental isotopes in addition to physical data (water levels, electric conductivity, pH, temperature) and hydrogeochemical data (major ions), to detect GWS and to characterize its origin, type, degree, and status; this way, information on the origin of salinization, be it evaporation from water-logged areas, up-coning of deep saline groundwater, evaporite solution, lack of flux of weathering salts or pollution can be provided. The isotope and chemical data will be used for groundwater modeling and geo-statistical modeling