Work Packages

Based on the main goal and the specific objectives of the MEDSAL Project, the work plan is structured in 8 discrete, yet inter-correlated, work packages (WPs). Each WP includes Tasks, which are the individual actions needed for its completion, their results as Deliverables (D) and Milestones (M).

Work packageDescriptionTeam leaderStart and completionType
WP 1Project monitoring, reporting, and financial-administration coordination activitiesEvangelos Tziritis (SWRI)1-36Administration communication, and coordination
WP 2Recording, processing, and integration of data for the 6 case study areas, as well as the literature review in state-of-the-art approach for salinization, hydrogeochemistry, geostatistics, and coastal groundwater resources managementFadoua Hamzaoui (FST) 1-16Research & Innovation
WP 3Application of environmental isotopes for the identification and classification of the different salinization typesChristoph Külls (THL)10-24Research & Innovation
WP 4Development of MEDSAL models and software tools, aiming to simulate and forecast groundwater salinization in subsequent stepsPhaedon Kyriakidis (CUT) 10-24Research & Innovation
WP 5Demonstration activities in the test sites, including the installation and operation of multi-sensors for the monitoring and identification of latent patterns of salinization.Integrated (joint) application of the MEDSAL software and tools (WP4) aiming to simulate and forecast salinization in the case study areas, develop salinization proxies, and perform a tailor-made groundwater risk assessment and management.Maria Dolores Fidelibus (POLIBA) 1-34Pilot
WP 6Development and operation of joint participatory Framework, through MEDSAL web-GISObservatory and adjacent tools, and the harmonization of legal and managerial issues in the Mediterranean for coastal groundwater resources managementCüneyt Güler
16-34Pilot and demonstration
WP 7Communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities of the project, aiming to maximize its impact on the Mediterranean and other adjacent coastal areas through its resultsMohamed Redha Menani (MGRE)1-36Pilot and demonstration
WP 8Training and networking actions of the project, including workshops, mobility of young scientists, exchange of know-how and cross-training to MEDSAL developed tools and overall FrameworkEvangelos Tziritis (SWRI)1-36Demonstration

Each WP is assigned to a Lead Partner (LP) and the individual tasks to a Task Lead Partner (TLP), who coordinates and organizes the individual contribution of other Project Partners (PPs) to WPs and Tasks. MEDSAL’s approach foresees the highest engagement of all PPs (if and whenever feasible, according to their expertise) to achieve the same consensus of contribution and know-how.

Towards this goal and to ensure the equal contribution of all PPs, the LPs and TLPs have been evenly distributed among the participating countries. The overall methodological approach of the MEDSAL Project includes both research and pilot/demonstration actions.