Work package 2

Data recording, processing, and integration
Lead beneficiary : FST

      Start Month    1              End Month    16

Participant numberShort name of participantPerson months per participant

• To provide the essential input data for the successful elaboration of the next WPs in terms of data analysis, simulations, and models.
• To assess the current status of salinization in case study areas and identify the main source(s).

Description of work
This WP includes collaborative research and provides the essential input data for the successful elaboration of the next WPs in terms of data analysis, simulations, and models. Specifically, WP2 includes the elaboration of field studies, macroscopic investigations, and groundwater sampling campaigns for the collection of raw data; additional data, such as existing literature and historical records (e.g. datasets; time-series, etc.) of each pilot site, will be integrated with the new records in a holistic dataset.

Accordingly, a detailed hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical study will be performed for each test site, coupled with the essential geological, environmental (land uses, contamination sources, etc.) and climatic evidence. Both sampling/analyses and benchmark studies will be elaborated by local PPs that are SWRI for Greece (Rhodope aquifer ), FST for Tunisia (Boufichia aquifer), MGRE for Algeria (Bouteldja aquifer), POLIBA for Italy (Salento aquifer), and MEU for Turkey (Tarsus aquifer), whilst THL will operate in the second Greek site (Samos Island) due to its previous experience from past projects. Special attention will be given to the interaction of the studied aquifers with other compartments (small scale) and with other water systems at catchment (large) scale, as well as with groundwater-dependent ecosystems of high environmental significance.

The final outcome of WP2 will be an integrated Geo-database in G.I.S environment with all the available information (spatial or not) for the pilot sites. Efforts will focus on building a general and comprehensive platform, rather than individual smaller databases, for data management and decision support about GWS problems in the Mediterranean region.

WPsTasks LeadersPPs InvolvedDuration
T2.1Literature review and data recordingFSTFST, SWRI, THL, MGRE, MEU, POLIBA, CUT , CERTHM1-M10
T2.2Studies of pilot sitesPOLIBAFST, SWRI, THL, MGRE, MEU, POLIBAM3-M8
T2.3Sampling and laboratory analyses FSTFST, SWRI, THL, MGRE, MEU, POLIBA
T2.4Assessment of current salinization status in MEDSAL test sitesMGREMGRE, FST, MEU, POLIBA, THLM10-M16
T2.5Digitization and development of Integrated Geo-DatabaseTHLTHLM6-M16