The study will include demonstration activities of monitoring, sampling, analysis and modeling in five sites.


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Medsal: 40.640300, 22.935300
Name CountryHydraulic DataWater uses
BoufichaTunesiaPhreatic porous aquifer in a semi-arid region with indirect rechargeDrinking water and irrigation for agriculture
RhodopeGreeceUnconfined, semi-confined, porous aquifer(s)Irrigation
SalentoItalyCoastal karstic aquifer of cretaceous and dolomitic limestoneAgriculture and tourism
SamosGreeceUnconfined alluvial gravel and confined marl and limestone aquifersAgriculture and drinking water for domestic supply, tourism
TarsusTurkeyQuarternary fluvio-deltaic porous aquiferAgriculture, greenhouses, irrigation