Faculty of Science of Tunis, Department of Geology, University of Tunis El Manar

Partner full nameMersin University
Partner short nameMEU

The Mersin University (MEU, was founded in 1992 and is located in Mersin, Turkey. The Mersin University, with its 1711 academic personnel, has an outstanding reputation for both teaching and scientific research and constantly seeks to establish new links with universities, research institutes, and industry through collaborative interactions and student/staff mobility programs, at both national and international levels. The Mersin University is currently organized into 17 Faculties and 12 Vocational Schools, together encompassing 181 Departments with the number of students reaching 40909. The project work will be carried out at the Applied Geology Division of Geological Engineering Department (AGD-GED) in the Faculty of Engineering. The research at AGD-GED is specialized in water resources evaluation through the application of advanced modeling techniques and data analysis tools (e.g., geostatistical and multivariate statistical). Research at AGD-GED is enhanced through national/international collaborations with leading universities and research institutes around the world. Based on its expertise, MEU will mainly contribute to the Project project by collecting, analyzing, monitoring, evaluating, and modelling groundwater/surface water physicochemical data, conducting multivariate statistical and GIS analyses, hydrogeochemical modelling (using PHREEQC) studies, development and operation of MEDSAL participatory framework, and dissemination activities (conferences, scientific articles, and exhibitions). Overall, MEU will be responsible for the Tarsus test site and the Lead Partner in WP6 (MEDSAL Framework) and in 4 Tasks.

Principal Investigator and key members of the MEU team

Dr. Cüneyt Güler (M) has received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Geological Engineering Department of Colorado School of Mines (Colorado, USA) in 1998 and 2002, respectively. He is currently working as a Professor in the Applied Geology Division of Geological Engineering Department (AGD-GED) in Mersin University. Major research fields of Dr. Güler are water-rock interaction, especially the interactions of chemical and physical factors that control elemental behavior in the solid and aqueous phases. Present areas of active research include characterization of flow and evolution of water chemistry in watersheds, including fractured systems, water quality and pollution in surface/groundwater systems. Dr. Güler has authored and co-authored more than 75 publications in refereed journals, book chapters, and national/international conferences. He has been involved in 14 research projects, funded by various governmental organizations (TUBITAK, State Planning Organization, universities, etc.) in Turkey.

Dr. Birgul Mazmanci (F) is a Professor in MEU with expertise in biogeochemistry, water resources and environment.

Dr. Mehmet Ali Kurt (M) is a Lecturer in MEU with expertise in hydrogeochemistry, water pollution, and water management.