The main technological tool for the visualization of Project outcomes is the web-GIS MEDSAL Observatory
(MOb). Web-GIS is the integrated product of internet technology, GIS, and Remote Sensing (RS); it allows retrieving and analyzing spatial data through the internet very quickly, also providing a medium for processing geo-related information with any location restrictions.

The WebObservatory
The Web Observatory constitutes a powerful tool that supports the sharing of geospatial data from different data sources and includes a database to manage in-situ and monitoring data, model-based simulated results, monitoring and visualization systems for monitoring and derived data, and a warning systems to identify action levels of potential threats.

The MOb will retrieve all data from previously built databases and will visualize them to enable effective monitoring and support decision-making; together with the visualized web-maps and its special functions and tools, developed for that purpose, the MOb will allow data analysis and alerting. Such a database, integrated into the web-GIS environment, will be capable of keeping track of the groundwater changes (hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical) and will be further upgraded with additional relevant parameters (geological, environmental, climatic and socio-economic data), including multi-sensor records and model results (WP5).