Mobilisation and Water resources Management Laboratory

Partner full nameMobilisation and Water resources Management Laboratory
Partner short nameMGRE

The MGRE Laboratory (MGRE) is a university laboratory created recently (2013) at Batna 2 University. Its tasks are devoted to research in various fields in relation to water resources (groundwater, surface water, water quality, surface, and groundwater modeling). It is organized in 4 teams that group together 26 researchers, between teachers/researchers and Ph.D. students in their major part in Hydrogeology. It operates with funds dedicated by the General Directory of Research and Technologic Development, affiliated to the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research (Algeria). The mission of MGRE is to assure a research/formation to Ph.D. students through research projects (national till now) and to conduct collaborative projects with partners having the same scientific objectives. Services to partners are also assured through geophysics investigations (Electrical methods) and chemical analysis notably (with SAA). Based on its expertise, MGRE will contribute to a) field investigation, hydrodynamic and hydrochemical modeling, sampling and hydrochemical and isotopic analysis, b) communication with stakeholders, farmers and public around the risks of salinization of Bouteldja coastal aquifer, c) the management of MEDSAL website, promoting MEDSAL actions through the organization of workshops in international conferences and symposia. Overall, MGRE will be the Lead Partner in WP 7 (Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation) and in 4 Tasks, as well as responsible for the Bouteldja test site.

Principal Investigator and key members of the MGRE team

Dr. Mohamed Redha MENANI (M) is a Senior researcher (class A) and teacher of Hydrogeology at the earth sciences institute in Batna 2 University (Algeria). He is the lead of Mobilization and Water Resources Management Laboratory (MGRE) since 2013 and head of team 1 (mobilization of groundwater resources). He reached the level of professor in 2009. He received the diploma of the Ph.D. degree in hydrogeology in 1991 from the University of Nancy 1 (France). He is the lead of the Team “groundwater mobilization” in the MGRE laboratory. His main research interests are devoted to γroundwater mobilization with regards to various topics (characterization, water quality, modeling, water uses in agriculture, transboundary groundwater resources). His involvement with those research areas has led to the co-authoring of more than 70 papers in refereed journals and international conferences.

Dr. Tarek Drias (M) is a Lecturer in MGRE, with expertise in hydrogeology, aquifer vulnerability, and hydrogeochemistry.

Dr. Nabil Chabour (M) is a Senior researcher (class A) and teacher of Hydrogeology at the earth sciences Faculty of Constantine 1 University (Algeria), with expertise in Hydrochemistry and groundwater modeling.

Dr. Nafaa Brinis (M) is a Lecturer in MGRE, with expertise in hydrogeochemistry.

Khaled Harizi (M) (a member of MGRE) is a Ph.D. student in water and environmental science in the hydraulics Department of Batna 2 University working on the groundwater modelization and salinization of Bouteldja coastal aquifer.